New Contact Cards

Now that I’ve left my job at OpenMake, I needed new business cards. But really they are more like “contact” cards as I don’t yet have a business.

My wife (and the rest of the blogosphere) is a big fan of Moo Cards. And now they’ve started printing business cards in the standard sizes. So I made up a set.

First I wanted a cool, physics-related image. This picture of an artistically enhanced event from the Big European Bubble Chamber has been around for a while and is quite beautiful. It’s under copyright by CERN itself, but they are very liberal in allowing people to use it. I filled out a web form asking for permission to put it on my contact cards and it was granted in two days.

Here’s my card:

This is the front of my contact cardBack of my contact card

The details are blocked out, not that that will stop anyone from figuring out how to call me.

New Contact Cards