Called In Front of the Committee!

We’re going to the Committee of Adjustments.

The City has confirmed what Paul our architect suspected. The ‘pre-application law’ review showed that our plan to use our third floor will put our usable floor space of our house above 60% of the area of our lot. Since our neighbourhood is zoned as ‘R2 Z0.6’, we are only supposed to be at under 60%. To get approval, the Committee of Adjustments has to approve a zoning easement.

The architect thinks we have a good chance. One advantage that we have is that we are not going to change the footprint of the house on the lot. In fact the only change to the envelope of the house is to add two dormers to the third floor. This should have negligible effect on our neighbours, so we hope that they will have no objections to our plans.

We’re tentatively scheduled for the first week in June. Wish us luck.