My “Thoughtful Humanist” picture.

I’m a development manager based in Toronto. Most recently, I have joined Shopify. Previously, I was one of the Directors of Engineering at Wave. And a long time ago, I was a partner and developer at Scimatic Software before heading out on my own.

In the last four years, I’ve changed my focus from developing to help leading teams of folks who do the developing. That’s a bit of a pivot from my original focus on scientific software, which was anything from acquisition through to data analysis. You can see some of the previous projects I’ve worked on.

I’ve used everything from:

In the far past, it’s been everything from Fortran to Perl to C and C++.

I did my Ph.D research with the High Energy Physics Group at the University of Chicago under Ed Blucher.

My thesis experiment, KTeV, ran at the FNAL (FermiLab) fixed target run in the late ’90s, where we were investigating Charge-Parity symmetry violations in the kaon sector (you can read about that in “Brief History of Time” – that’s the book that got me hooked on wanting to study CP-violations).

My thesis used to be available from FNAL, but they’ve started locking things down. Here are the papers I worked on directly, plus all the other papers from our collaboration.

I play left-back for what used to be Rashers FC (I forget what we call ourselves now), in the lowest division of Sunday night mens’ league 6-aside at Soccerworld. I also enjoy skiing.

I’m married and we have a fantastic kid and we bought an old house out on the Danforth.