Desmond Has a Bunker

Anyone remember Desmond from Lost?

Every day, I’m feeling more and more like Desmond. Wake up. Follow my routine. Play some vinyl. Stay in the same house all the time. Occasionally type some keystrokes into a computer. Repeat tomorrow.

Last year I wrote about feeling 70 percent. And all the things I wrote in there are true; I am really lucky. But man is this “new normal” weighing on me. I’m desperate to meet up with some people. Have a laugh in the pub. Play soccer.

We’re going to push on back to Tofino in March, and that will nicely bookend the pandemic. We spent March 2020 there panicking if we were going to be able to get back home. And yes I realise lots has changed since then. PCR tests, vaccines, and rapid tests are all available. I’ve been able to travel since then. But it’s still not right. We are missing something and it weights on everyone.

P.S. I know people hate it, but I love Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, especially the Yesterday version by Himesh Patel.