Eclipse on Mac OS X Cocoa

Just got my new MacBook Pro laptop up and running, and I’m stoked with it. I really dig working on it. I also dig Eclipse as an IDE and development platform. So, it was interesting to see these two coming together: Steve Northover has posted about how he was working at Apple to get SWT (the core of Eclipse) working on Mac Cocoa. Kim Horne has posted that

Long term we absolutely NEED Cocoa for continued existence on the Mac – Carbons days are numbered. If you’re an Eclipse user on the Mac you owe it to yourself and the community to participate in this as best you can. If you don’t feel you’re able to submit patches then well-investigated bug reports will do. This is a huge amount of work and every little bit helps!

So, since I know a little about Eclipse, and absolutely nothing about Objective-C, I elected to get started. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Next is trying to get Eclipse itself to launch, but this was enough for one night.