End of a Beginning

February was my last month at Scimatic Software. Due to some changing markets and changes at some of our customers, Jamie and I decided that it was best to move on. He’s taken a role with Perkin Elmer, driving their software innovation group. I’m going to do some freelance work while I see where my next opportunity is.

The seven years I worked at Scimatic were some of the best of my career. I feel we did some excellent work, and it was really fun. Not that there weren’t challenging times, but I feel that we helped our clients and customers do science and it was so nice to come back to that. I got to combine my love of science with programming, with some business development thrown in.

First, I’d like to thank our clients. You were all great to work with, and I hope we provided you the software and advice that you needed to build great tools for scientists.

Finally and most importantly, I’d like to thank Jamie for taking a chance on me after meeting me at SciBarCamp Toronto back in 2008. Jamie is more than a partner and boss – he’s a good friend.