I Went To Detroit Eatery For a Burger … And All I Got Was The Stanley Cup

So my friend Pat The Lawyer and I went for lunch. I felt like a burger, so I suggested we go to Detroit Eatery on the Danforth. Good burgers and a pretty cool place – school kids at lunch sitting besides regulars and the hipsters, too.

The place is crazy decked out with Red Wings memorabilia, to the point that Kris Draper has brought Lord Stanley’s cup to the place before.

Anyway, we get there, and it is surprisingly packed. We asked for a table, but the waitstaff was a little distracted. As we are lined up, a lawyer acquaintance of Pat’s taps him on the shoulder and says “hi.”

Pat: Man, it’s packed in here.

Other Lawyer: Yeah, didn’t you hear?

Pat: Hear what?

OL: Kris Draper is coming by in 5 minutes with the Stanley Cup.

And damn if he didn’t

Kris Draper and Lord Stanley’s Mug

Needless to say, we didn’t get a table.