SQLite and GUI Interfaces

Cross-posted from the Scimatic Blog

A number of our projects use the SQLite database as a backend store. While developing, it’s critical to be able to see what’s in the database.

I’ve used two GUI browsers for SQLite on Windows

I prefer the SQLite Manager; it has more features and looks a bit better. Although it’s tied to Firefox, it can be run outside of the browser as an XULRunner application

The one thing that I didn’t like about the XULRunner implementation is that the icons didn’t show correctly in the toolbar, even when I followed the instructions to link in the chrome/ folder. So I tweaked the sqlite-manager.exe (which is just a shim copy of xulrunner.exe) with Resource Hacker to embed the correct .ico file into the executable. Now it shows correctly on my toolbar.

I’ve uploaded a sqlite-manager.zip file that you can grab if you want. Once SQLite Manager updates from 0.77 to a new version, you will have to tweak the files in this defaults/ folder, but you shouldn’t have to change the xulrunner or sqlite-manager.exe file.