A Fond Farewell

Crossposted from the Scimatic Blog.

We at Scimatic were very excited to work with Alex Greikspoor and his Mekentosj team to create the first version of Papers for Windows. There’s a lot of competition in the reference management space, from Mendeley and ReadCube, but Papers still stands out as the original and leader. Its users are passionate, and for good reason – it’s a great tool. When Mekentosj was acquired by Springer, it gave Alex and his team the opportunity to take Papers to the next level, on the Mac, on iOS, online, and on Windows.

Alex has assembled an internal team led by Tiago Margalho to build the next version of Papers for Windows (P3W). I got to go to their London offices a year ago April to discuss how that version of Papers for Windows would be built and they laid out their plans. It started with the new sync engine that was debuted in Papers for Windows 1.5, and continued on to the P3W release.

I was lucky enough to get to work on P3W for the last few months and work with Tiago and his very talented team. They have created a great new version using some great new tech that makes P3W beautiful to look at, fast, and effective. I’m sure that the future of P3W is bright and they will continue to innovate and provide a great product.

All the best to Alex, Tiago and the Papers for Windows team.