Is GitHub your new CV? I don’t think it should be, since not everyone has the opportunity to work on open source (see Ashe Dryden for the reasons why), and most of my work is in private repos.

However I did put some fun stuff that you might like on my profile.


NetSparkle is one of many forks of the original Sparkle framework for updating software. I forked it on GitHub because

I had some requirements for a client program that weren’t easily met by the standard version.

  • This version allows for a custom UI instead of the two Windows Forms dialogs
  • Allows for one-time check for updates instead of running on a loop
  • Allows for custom configuration objects instead of reading/writing to the registry
  • Refactored the diagnostic to use NLog instead of a custom filestream
  • Refactored exiting the application to fire an event for shutdown instead of Environment.Exit

It’s subsequently been forked a number of times, got a Nuget package, and it was used in the Papers Windows app. It even got some love on Stack Overflow.

If you’re interested, perhaps look at some of the newer forks.

Convert MKV

This one was kind of silly. I needed to convert all our .mkv files to .mp4 so that we could watch them on Apple TV and have the correct metadata (hint: use Plex instead). So I went back to 1998 and wrote a wrapper around AtomicParsley::Command for converting and adding metadata.

Remarkably useful for the job.