How Come I Wasn’t Informed Of This?

Seriously. I’m sitting in the theatre for The Dark Knight (aside: Totally Awesome. Loved it. Wicked. Go see it. Big ups to my friend Matt’s wife who was second assistant accountant on the shoot, and hence associated with something way cooler than I’ve ever done), when the trailer for The Watchmen came on. Within about 6 seconds of Jon Osterman being trapped in his experiment gone wrong, I turned to my wife and was all, “Omigod I can’t believe they made this into a movie!”

Now, it is directed by Zack Synder, he of 300 fame, and Alan Moore has disowned the movie, but still — it looks pretty damn cool.

The Watchmen was the comic series that justified me reading comics (and yes, I have the 12 issue originals, not the graphic novel). To the point where I have the artwork on the wall of my office.

![Watchmen][/images/2008/07/watchmen_art_web-300x273.jpg “Watchmen on my wall”]

That and Miracleman and the Dark Knight Returns with a little Days of Future Past X-Men thrown in … good times. I don’t collect any more (with the exception of a few of the Buffy books), so I hope this movie can live up to what I remember comics to be about.