New House

We bought a new house!

Pretty exciting stuff, as it is a detached house in a slightly better area. By that I mean that we are now in the school catchment that we wanted to be in so the kid can go to JK with all his friends from his daycare. Still in the same neighbourhood, so all the same stores and meet-ups at Withrow Park.

I really love the house that we are in. We’ve done about all that we can do with it; new kitchen, bathroom and finished basement. There are some things we can’t change (common party wall and the school catchment), so it was time for us to move. We’ve been here for five years, so that feels about right.

The new place is owned by a couple who are “downsizing” to a condo, which means they haven’t updated their house in a while. We need to paint immediately, and probably revisit the kitchen and bathroom within the first year. But considering it’s the 10-20 year house, we have time to get on it.