Last Year in Riding

Like I said in Riding Goals, I had two goals in terms of riding this year:

  1. Break 2,000 km
  2. A long ride of 100 km

I smashed those goals and it feels great to be honest.

2021 Summary

My “Year in Review” on Strava says that I was pretty consistent throughout the year. Getting the Wahoo trainer helped with that, as well as with the distance goals. Kept up riding with the same group of folks; Mulley, Hatto, Mike, Rob, and Sacha.

Managed to get to 3,405 km (1,400 more than my goal of 2,000 km).

mileage statistics from my year in riding

Also managed two (double!) 100+ km rides. The first was to Oakville in May. I slept in when Mulley, Hatto, and Sacha went the week before, so I pushed myself to do it the following week solo. Then in July, Mulley took us around Prince Edward County for a 120km out-and-back, stopping at four breweries along the way. Nearly killed Tim, but it was worth it.

side-by-side photos of 5 guys drinking beer, then riding at twilight

First (real) ride

I was on the trainer in January and February, but the first real ride was a 30km loop in February.

loop of downtown Toronto along Bloor St and down through High Park, back along the Lakeshore

Last ride

Last ride was on Friday! December 31st. Quick rip through Taylor Creek just to say I did it. Riding February to December in Toronto is a scary thing; climate change is real, folks.

New routes

I really liked that we tried some new (to us) routes this year.


Cindy and I rented the same cottage in Bobcaygeon as last year. Iain was at camp the entire time, so it meant I had a bit more time on my hands. Managed some rides up north, including 50km from Lindsay to Fenelon Falls on the Victoria Rail trail.

The “Vancouver” Trail

Rob found a lovely trail north of Eglinton that reminds him of Vancouver.

tree-lined trail sloping downhill


Finally, got out to Vancouver in September again, and rented a Norco from Cycle City Vancouver. Had that for about a week and did some rides along Ambleside, and then a few laps of Stanley Park. The photos were amazing

view of Lions Gate bridge facing north to the North Shore from the Viaduct overpass in Stanley Park


Looking forward to 2022, although my goals are getting up there. I want to

  1. Ride 4,000 km (80km a week for 50 weeks!)
  2. Do five 100 km long rides.

Starting to feel real!