New Year’s Resolutions — Fitness

Well, it’s that time of year again, to think about how to make the next year even better. I’m going to post a few resolutions so that they are in a public place. I hope that will motivate me to keep to my commitments.

For the fitness aspect, I realise that I have to get into better shape. I’m not in a bad way – I’m 5’10” and 180 pounds. That puts my body mass index at 25.8, which is listed as “overweight.” However, I’m in the 49th percentile, so there are heavier dudes out there.

I figure about 165 lbs is the right weight. I’m looking to improve my speed and strength for outdoor soccer next season, when my team moves up a division.

For the first time, I’m thinking that I have to attack this from both the food and exercise angle. I used to just eat (and drink) whatever I wanted. That’s got to stop. I need to deal with the following:

For the fitness, I think I have to do the following:

The final thing is to get a way to track what I’m doing. I’m a big fan of Get Rich Slowly, which is a “get financially fit” website. They’ve launched Get Fit Slowly, so that the writers can track their fitness. They recommend to track their progress, but I may go with The Daily Plate.

I need to keep posting to keep on track.