Papers for Windows

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We’ve written a number of posts that talk about a client project that we’ve been working on for a while (NetSparkle, Xml Serialization, NHibernate, andDate Parsing)

Finally we can talk about what we’ve been working on, and we’re really excited.

Papers For Windows

We’ve been working with the folks at Mekentosj to build a Windows version of their remarkably successful Papers application. Alex has a great team at Mekentosj that has been hard at work on their Papers 2 for Mac, their iOS Papers for iPhone and iPad, and their Livfe collaborative environment.

Papers for Windows works within the same environment as Papers2 for Mac. Although the work on the Windows side started from scratch, the main “core” functionality of Papers2 is present in Papers for Windows and we are working hard to bring all the main lines of functionality into the Windows version.

Developing for two very distinct operating systems means that there will be differences between the two versions of Papers. There’s no way to keep the two versions identical, nor would you want to. The main differences come down to how the OS and window layouts differ between Mac and Windows. We have endeavoured to keep the user interface as similar and as intuitive as possible. Other features, like “Cover Flow”, aren’t present in Papers for Windows. We will continue to work to integrate the best features of Papers2 on the Mac into Papers for Windows.

Here are some screenshots of Papers for Windows in action:

"Main Window"