Crossposted from the Scimatic blog.

We’re working on a client project where one of the requirements was a Sparkle-style updating mechanism. For those of you who are Mac folks, you’ll be familiar with the Sparkle “A new version of YOUR FAVOURITE APP is available!” window, with the options to skip, remind me later, or install the update.

Fortunately, there are at least two open-source versions of Sparkle for .NET programmers:

I started using NetSparkle (mostly because it was recommended first on Stack Overflow and was clearly labelled as MIT-Licensed), but I realised that there were some changes I needed to make:

Thanks to Dirk Eisenberg for working hard to create NetSparkle, and for releasing it as MIT-Licensed so that we could use and modify it the way we needed to.

Because this is all open-source, I figured it would be good to give back, so you can get the changes I made from GitHub.