So Say We All

This GIF came up in one of our Slack channels at work

Apollo on the other side

And it reminded me of how much I loved Battlestar Galactica

As kids in the 80s in Vancouver, we would watch reruns of the original Battlestar Galatica, featuring Dirk Benedict as bad-ass Starbuck, Richard Hatch as Apollo, and Canadian legend Lorne Greene as Commander Adama. It was pretty cheesy; Galactica 1980 even worse.

I never gave much thought to the reimagined series when it came out. How good could it be, given how cheesy the source material was?

How wrong I was.

Cindy and I picked it up after I moved to Toronto and we had a place in the Annex in Toronto. This was the era when you had to watch the show on DVDs rented from Blockbuster. We were so enthralled with it, that we’d finish one disk and I’d have to run out 5 minutes before Blockbuster closed to try to get the next disk (and a pint of Chunky Monkey, too).

We decided on the rewatch for a few reasons; it was on my mind due to the GIF above, Amazon Prime was shoving it down our throats

Amazon Prime homescreen

and we thought the Boy would love it. He did.

A few things stand out:

Finally some of the themes of the show really resonated. At the time, there was intense discussion about allegories to the war on terror and fundamentalism. but what hit home for us (in the time of COVID) was the sense of isolation, loss, and survival within the show. And “it’s not enough to survive. One has to be worthy of surviving.”

In the end (spoilers ahead), humanity has to hold on to hope, to compromise, to love so that they can finally find redemption. That really lands in these dark pandemic times.

So say we all.

Adama declaring “So say we all”

Footnote: Favourite Episode

Just love “Exodus” especially part 2 from the battle of New Caprica. The “bucket drop” manoeuvre is just too cool.

Galactica executes the “bucket drop” manoeuvre on New Caprica