COVID and the End of the Streak

I was pretty fired up by James Clear’s Atomic Habits. The idea of building a habit and a streak over time resonated. I had managed to three months of exercising every day.

Then I got COVID.

Honestly, COVID wasn’t the worst. The miracle of vaccines meant that my COVID experience was about as bad as my reaction to the first vaccine dose a year ago. But it really did mess up my streak. I was hoping to go the entire year.

Four months of Apple Fitness rings

I’ve been slow to get back into it. I’ve heard that if you rush back too quickly, your odds of Long COVID increase. But now I’m just too bored and the weather is just too nice. Going to get back to it.

May 2022 Apple Fitness rings

I will get back to every day. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again.

However, the goal of 4,000 km is probably not going to happen. C’est la vie.