Halloween 2020

When this whole thing kicked off in March, we really thought that it would be over by now. I naively believed that this was a SARS-1 or swine flu thing, not a Spanish flu once-in-century pandemic. Yet here we are.

Cindy and I started dating at a Hallowe’en party. Twenty odd years later, it’s the holiday that’s ours. We have thrown a party every year for the last decade, and we were excited to do so again this year.

We tried to get the boy involved early

Infant in a lion costume Young boy in a Spiderman costume

We even went to a costume-themed wedding for Hallowe’en once!

Two men in lederhosen

Some previous themes were


Before Rowling became so problematic.

Family dressed as Remus, Trelawney, and Black

Dead Celebrities

(We didn’t do the Under Pressure duet) Couple dressed as Freddy Mercury and David Bowie

The boy chose Pokemon instead. Family dressed for Halloween

Stranger Things

There were two 40+ men dressed as Eleven at this party. Hmmm …

Family dressed as characters from ‘Stranger Things’


Two “Bearded Ladies.” By the end of the night, I was far more “Rasputin.”

Two men dressed as bearded ladies


Cindy just wanted to twirl in scarves like Stevie. I was happy to go my own way as Lindsey Buckingham.

Couple dressed as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham

2020 …

Well, here we are. We tried to make it good for the kids. We built a candy slide in case anyone came by, but we didn’t get many takers. More treats for me I guess.

Mini candy sliding down a tube, for safey

Overall a massive disappointment that our run came to an end. However, we know that we’ll be back next year. Cindy has already picked the theme. She announced “the theme is ‘2020.’ What could be scarier than that?!”