Papers For Windows 1 0

Crossposted from the Scimatic Blog.

We’ve had a very busy two months getting Papers for Windows ready for a 1.0 release. And just a bit after Earth Day, we decided to release! Alex and company at Mekentosj announced the release here along with their release of Papers for Mac 2.2.

The pre-release of Papers for Windows lasted about two months, and we pushed out seven incremental releases. We had tremendous feedback from our users, who were using Papers in ways that we hadn’t ever imagined. It’s been a busy two months, but extremely gratifying to see the interest and engagement shown by the community. Getting to interact with the folks who use the product and want it to be successful has been a real pleasure. We feel that Papers for Windows is at the point where we can put it out in the wild, and that the 30-day trial period will allow everyone to decide if it’s useful for them to buy a license.

However, we realise that this is the 1.0 release, and 1.0 means just that – the starting point. We already know of lots of things that we have to improve and add to Papers for Windows, and they are on the list.

We’re really looking forward to taking Papers for Windows to the next level. We hope you like it. You can download a fully-functional, 30-day trial version here.