Oh The Irony

So it’s our fourth day here in West Vancouver for our Christmas break. We come back to BC every other year, and I get really excited for it. I love Christmas with the whole Graham family, and this will be the first year that Iain will go into ski scamps.

Except it won’t.

Big Ups to the … Passport Office?

My passport expired in November, and I feel that I have to have a valid passport. Just in case I get The Call and have to leave the country in the dead of night. The last time I went through the process, it was a giant pain in the ass, as I had to get a new birth certificate from...

Illinois — How I Miss You

Even though he was convicted, I actually like former Illinois Governor George H. Ryan. He was two for three for me; he promised to fix the Hillside Strangler, and did; and then he put the death penalty on hold. So he sold fake licenses through the Secretary of State’s office. This is Illinois, after all.

Now there’s

Malcolm Gladwell and Outliers

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Was out at UofT’s Convocation Hall last night, where I got to listen to Malcolm Gladwell riff on, well, lots of stuff.

Gladwell has always been one of my favourite writers, not only because he writes well and raises interesting questions, but also because he’s one of the only writers I know who is willing...