Monday Fitness Update

Went two weeks without checking in here – have to get focussed again.

Weight was 176 lbs. Good direction, and I’m doing well with not drinking cola. I had one last week and it didn’t taste very good. Still having a few beers, though.

Next is to get the exercise ramped up. Soccer seems to be on hold indefinitely, so...

Monday Fitness Update

Good news: 178.5 lbs, still no cola, down on the alcohol.

Bad news: no additional exercise and indoor soccer got postponed for a week.

The Backup Strategy

They say you have to back up. Back up your data or you’ll regret it. Well, now I’m pretty aware of why you need the backups, because of two recent events. In the first, the backups worked; the second, they didn’t.

In the first case, (the one that worked), my wife and I had to transition our iPhoto library. We...

Monday Fitness Update

Got on the scale today. Still 180 lbs, no change.

The good news is that I’m way down on drinking Coca-Cola. Haven’t had any for a week, and I’m not really missing it.

The bad news is that I’m way up on alcohol – we had the annual-ish boys steak night on the weekend and restraint went out the window....