APRIL 2015

End of a Beginning

February was my last month at Scimatic Software. Due to some changing markets and changes at some of our customers, Jamie and I decided that it was best to move on. He’s taken a role with Perkin Elmer, driving their software innovation group. I’m going to do some freelance work while I see where my next opportunity is.



Is GitHub your new CV? I don’t think it should be, since not everyone has the opportunity to work on open source (see Ashe Dryden for the reasons why), and most of my work is in private repos.

However I did put some fun stuff that you might like on my profile.

CV – Academic Papers

Here is a sample of the papers I worked on while in graduate school. The KTeV Collaboration had approximately 80-100 people (professors, senior scientists, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students, plus engineers and techs) working on it at various times.